Author: Gabriel

The final version of Chapter 9 is live!

Even the most beautiful moments are fleeting; maybe especially them. Both Shimon and Charna feel this as they separate again, both with new perspectives and goals to pursue. But the hardest part of the boy’s departure comes in the form of his brother: how can he truly convey how much his freedom means to him? Can it eclipse the heartbreak he’ll inevitably bring him?

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The final version of Chapters 7 and 8 are now live!

After the unexpected crisis in Cherize’s third-most popular bar, Shimon is faced with another dilemma: either he leaves Cherize City until the air has cleared, or he’ll run risk of his family and friends getting in lethal trouble. Thus, the dimensional traveler decides to stay alone for now, unwilling to endanger more people. On the other hand, Charna faces the biggest question of her life – what happened last night and why does she remember such deep pain…?

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The final versions of Chapters 6 and 6.5 are now live!

With the fallout of Sennin’s assault comes a new perspective on secrecy for the pair of brothers. Without Zeke’s aid, Shimon ponders on what to do next while recovering and comes to a simple conclusion – he needs an ally. Parallel to him, the anxious Charna has an equal craving for connection, and thus both happen to cross paths in a homely bar called Corner Link. All seems well until Shimon decides to take a risk and introduce her to aura, the superhuman power that he himself still doesn’t understand well…

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