So who is that guy that’s been blabbering all throughout this page?

Name-wise, all you really need to remember is Gabriel (or Gabby, if you’re being cute). I’m a 22-year old student that’s been creating stories in his head ever since I can think. None of these stories have ever been put to paper, I simply created them and played them out, for nothing but the sake of fun.

Fun is my main objective in everything I create – doesn’t matter if we’re talking about NEON RED, my short stories or anything else, I want to make everything enjoyable. Even if that doesn’t always mean that my characters have fun as well, haha.

Around the beginning of 2018, I started a small .txt file and added a couple of lines about my most recent series, one that featured a cast of almost only humans, one that is supposed to have battles that feel raw and emotional, meaningful. A series that’s character-driven, with characters that all have an agenda, some of which collide with each other. This series would become what is now known as NEON RED.

Back at that time, all I wanted is to not forget a few elements and battles that I just really considered fun and entertaining. Sometime toward the end of 2018, I then inserted said .txt into OpenOffice and it amounted to 11 pages! That spurned me on to continue. It would soon be 12, 15, 20, 30, 50 pages – since the 1st of March 2019, I have written something on NEON RED every single day. Here’s how I managed that.

This is why I am confident you’ll enjoy it – because I do. I love writing and I love what I’ve created. If that little pull on your heartstrings convinced you that I may not be completely full of shit, please go ahead and read a little for yourself!