“Okay, what’s this?”

If that described your thought process, please let me welcome you to MIRAGE Literature, where I post practically anything related to NEON RED, my other writing and miscellaneous tips or advice. Not your first time? Check my latest posts here!

“And who are you?”

What you’ll see on the cover of my works is Gabriel. That is, in fact, part of my real name – I do want to keep my privacy though, so that’s all the names you get. I’m 22 and German, but write exclusively in English.

“Alright, well what do you do?”

Currently, I’m busy working full-time on NEON RED, an Action-Adventure novel series that I’ve been planning since 2016. This is by far not the first world I’ve created, but the first one I really wanted to bring to actual paper.

Apart from NEON RED, I’ve also created a small array of short stories with love and care. They’re around four to eight pages long each. They’re a bit rough around the edges, as it’s been a full year since I wrote them, but I still keep them in fond memory as artistic experiments. You can read all of them for free under the Short Stories header.

Right now (August of 2020), I’m working on NEON RED’s Part II, which will be released Early 2021. It’s a crazy amount of fun and I really feel like I’ve improved vastly ever since Part I. On the side, I’m reworking Part I’s first arc to make it flow better – once that’s done, it will be available for free on MIRAGE.

“You seem like a cool guy.”

Thank you.

“Why do you do all this?”

Because it’s fun.

“Writers are the exorcists of their own demons.”

– Mario Vargas Llosa

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