Mental Blocks and How To Get Rid of Them

Mental block, writer’s block, artist’s block – doesn’t matter what you call it, they’re the same thing in the end. A psychological hindrance to work on what you really do want to work on, mostly caused by doubts and fears. I’m almost certain you, too, have felt some sort of block like this once before.

However, do not fear! There are multiple approaches to get rid of them entirely. I’ll tell you a little about the one that I use, so that you may feel good and healthy about the stuff you love again!

A) You’re not alone.

First of all, make yourself acquainted with the fact that you’re by far not the only one. A mental block is hard to live through and hard to conquer, but it is 100% possible, even for you. No matter how long it’s been or how severe it is. I can guarantee you that every aspiring writer, artist etc. has had that kind of block at least once. It’s not a rarity, it’s an obstacle for every one of us to overcome in order to achieve excellence and greatness.

So see it as a temporary obstacle rather than a death sentence. Because that’s what it is.

B) Strike a deal.

Do you know how mental blocks come into existence in the first place?

It’s because you’re afraid of failure. It’s because of your inner critic telling you that you’re not good enough and will never be, so why try?

Why try? Because there’s no other way to achieve excellence. Here’s how:

Strike a deal with your inner critic.

Tell it ‘look, I’m just gonna plaster eggs and toast onto the wall and I’m gonna do it as long as I want. You’re free to criticize, but only after I’m done’ (meaning your first draft/sketch etc.).

This does multiple things: you get into an uninterrupted workflow (literally do ANYTHING, no matter how bad, no matter if it’s total bullshit or a 0/10, just DO IT), you become more symbiotic with your critic (which is great because it’s actually extremely valuable for the stages of refinement and beyond) and you avoid mental blocks. Keep in mind that every first draft/sketch is shit.

Every. One.

Take solace in knowing that and just carry on without a care for quality!

C) Daily exercise.

‘Oh, that sounds super hard’, I hear you say, but I DENY YOU!

With that I really mean just do anything at all – but daily.

Writing, for instance: one word. One line. One paragraph. One scene. One page. It doesn’t matter which goal you decide for, it’s just that you do it daily. No matter your mood, no matter your time, do something each day.

You’ll raise your goals automatically, don’t worry about that – and believe me, the feeling of slowly becoming acquainted with skills you never had before is the greatest pleasure on Earth! It’s about the constant, unbroken chain of exercise that will slowly form you into a master.

This is a long process, but nobody’s rushing you. If they are, don’t be afraid to distance and focus yourself! Greatness comes with time and effort, but one step at a time.

Take care of yourself. I love you so much and I believe in your success!!