“What is NEON RED?”

Short answer:
NEON RED is my dream. It’s a novel series that could be categorized as Action-Adventure Contemporary Fantasy leaning towards Magical Realism. It’s the culmination of what I’ve been doing my whole life, ever since I could think – create stories. It’s the thing that I cherish the most.

Long answer:
Thanks to divine chance, Shimon Astrai returns to the Human Realm after nine years of having left the planet. Nine years, at age eight, he fell into a parallel world by accident – the Demon Realm, a place filled with savage creatures that enforce the rule to kill or be killed. To defend himself, Shimon obtained powers that any regular human would call magic – supernatural strength, speed and the ability to push some sort of force from his body.

When he returns to Cherize City, his hometown known as the shoreline metropolis, he’d last seen another human half of his life ago. As such, he faces problems understanding them, let alone ask them for aid in his quest: reuniting with his long-lost family.

On his journey, Shimon encounters people that possess powers similar to his own. As time progresses, he notices that he barely dipped his toes into the ocean that is aura and Flow. This drives him forward to discover more – about himself, about the meaning of friends and family, about Humans and Demons and the enigma that is the secret society of Flow users.

NEON RED features an in-depth Hard Magic System – Flow – which most characters utilize to create their own individual abilities.

“That sounds epic.”

Thanks. You’re being very kind to me today.

“Can I read it?”


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